Meet our driver George Karakoulas

George Karakoulas is one of the drivers of the Omega Racing Team and also competes in real life races GT3 and GT4 at the Porsche Sports Cup Deutschland. After winning a second place in the German GT4 Championship of the Porsche Cup, he upgraded his racing license to Silver and now competes in the PRO category according to the SRO regulations. 

Last year he participated in the Porsche Cup with a 991 GT3 Cup, winning again the second place in the championship and this year he aspires to participate in races with GT3 AMG. He is the official tester and instructor of Schütz Motorsport in GT3 and GT4 drivers 

George has studied mechanical engineering and when he is not running in races he is on the track with his team at ADAC GT MASTERS.
Is responsible for the data collection and analysis of stints made by their GT3 AMG during the race. 

Two words he told us about sim racing.
 “I am very happy to be in a team where it competes in digital games and is thirsty to show its best every time. Personally, I think that being competitive in sim racing needs the same skill that you need in real life. The perception and the feeling as well as every movement that I try to do in the sim is not different at all from what I actually do either in a race mode or in a training mode. 

For me it is a very serious tool for training and analysis of my driving ability as comparing my real telemetry with digital, there is almost no difference….

I am also excited by the fact that when I manage with my team Omega to claim victories and good places in big races on iRacing, it gives me the same joy as when I’m in podium in a real life!